SJYA diary: July 28 1938

Day 3 of Yenta Kleiman’s  Shanghai Jewish Youth Association summer club diary (day 2 can be found here):

SJYA summer club programme, July – August 1937

The word “Cafeteria” raised quite a lot of debate as regards its meaning. What was it like? It was a dinner, yes, but “Cafeteria” dinner, it sure must be something very particular, otherwise it would not have such a peculiar name! That was what all the children decided, and they were certainly not disappointed. Just imagine, a fairly huge tray to be loaded with things of your own choice! And what a choice, oh boy!

Scarcely was the dinner over, than we proceeded to the School Auditorium. Through the kindness of Messrs. Cecil and Denzil Ezra, we were able to see some very interesting movie pictures. One was an educational film – natural views of Manchuria – and the rest included Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardy etc.

The Hall was simply shaken with laughter, which means that the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We then dispersed to our respective homes, each one of us looking forward to spending a splendid afternoon at the beautiful Marble Hall next Sunday.

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